Cocktail Catering

Private and corporate events

Are you looking for something extraordinary for your event? Welcome!

You are about to discover cocktail and bartending services designed for weddings, celebrations, anniversaries, catering, conventions, conferences, concerts and much more.

My specialized focus on international cocktails, Gin and tonics, healthy and non-alcoholic options guarantees an exceptional experience that suits all tastes and preferences.

I can customize the cocktails according to the theme or style of your event, thus creating an unforgettable and unique experience.

Pepe Orts Mixology - Cocktail ingredients
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Unmatched Atmosphere

High quality cocktails

Make your event a success with our services

My services not only include the preparation of high-quality cocktails, but also the creation of a unique and attractive atmosphere for your guests.

You can leave all the details in our hands; My team and I take care of everything to guarantee the success of your event.

Do you want more information on how I can make your event extraordinary? Let's talk today to get a personalized quote!