Cocktail Training

Develop your skills with experts

If you're looking to improve your bartending skills or train your employees to provide exceptional service, you're in the right place.

I offer cocktail training courses for companies, covering everything from basic levels to specializations in specific topics such as Gin and tonics, classic cocktails, non-alcoholic options and kilometer 0 cocktails, as well as gourmet coffees, frappes and smoothies.

And also, if you want specific training or for me to organize an “In Company” course for you, ask me and I will surely be able to help you.

Soon I will open a Cocktail school in Alicante. Stay tuned to my social networks.

Pepe Orts Mixology - Cocktail
Pepe Orts Mixology - Negroni cocktail
Pepe Orts Mixology - Cocktails
Practical and Applicable Approach

Specific techniques

In the hospitality sector, cocktails are essential to offer exceptional service.

My approach to training is practical and applied to the real world, with specific techniques and skills necessary for success in this field.

My experience in cocktails and bar management allows me to understand the unique needs of each company, adapting my courses to their requirements. If you are looking to improve cocktail skills for yourself or your team, do not hesitate to contact me for more information about my training courses.

I guarantee you a high-quality training experience with tangible results in the service you offer.

Do you want to know what courses I can teach? Contact me and I will send you a detailed program of all my training offers.